The task

 is to create a modern Instagram feed with 12 posts for a contemporary artist, aiming to showcase not only his works but also his personality.

 Steps taken within the project:

  1. Consultation: A lengthy consultation was conducted with the client to determine his preferences, style, personality, and the main goals of the project.
  2. Analysis of the existing feed: An analysis of the client’s existing feed was conducted to determine what could be improved and which elements needed to be retained.
  3. Choice of color palette: In accordance with the client’s preferences and personality, bright accent colors were chosen for the feed: blue, red, and purple. These colors were chosen considering their ability to emphasize the liveliness and brightness of the artist.
  4. Organization of the shoot: One shoot was organized in the night city, during which a colored flash from the chosen palette of the future feed was used. This allowed us to create high-quality and attractive photo and video materials that correspond to the style of the feed.
  5. Adding typography and collages: Suitable typography and collages were used in the visual to enhance the effect and emphasize the artist’s style.


  • A modern Instagram feed with 12 posts was created, which successfully showcases the artist’s works and his personality. 
  • Bright accent colors were used, emphasizing the liveliness and brightness of the artist. 
  • Suitable typography and collages were used to enhance the visual impact. 

 Next steps: 

  • Conducting an analysis of the feed’s effectiveness and its impact on the audience. 
  • Adjusting the strategy based on the analysis results. 
  • Maintaining and developing the feed in line with changes in the client’s goals and preferences. 
Artist. Film portrait photographer
Artist. Film portrait photographer

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