Content shooting

- This is the process of creating photo and video materials for social networks, sites, blogs and other online platforms.

 This will attract the attention of the audience and will help promote your brand or product.

Content shooting. Film portrait photographer

Within the content shooting service, I offer the following possibilities:

1. Analysis of your products and development of a content strategy for social networks.
2. Preparing for the shoot
3. Conducting consultations on choosing locations, styles, and images.
4. Shooting

  • Professional photography in selected locations.
  • Creating high-quality video content, including clips and promo videos.
  • Working with models and assistants to achieve the best results.

5. Processing and retouching

  • Removing defects and correcting color gamut.
  • Creating effective collages and video editing

6. Post-production

  • Preparing materials for publication.
  • Assistance in creating texts and descriptions for photos and videos.

7. Publication and analytics

  • Assistance in publishing materials on various platforms.
  • Analysis of content effectiveness and strategy adjustment based on results.

FROM $400.


Content shooting is suitable for a wide range of clients and businesses that want to create high-quality and attractive content for their online platforms. 

1. Brands and companies: helps create high-quality photo and video materials for advertising products and services, as well as for promoting the brand on social networks and online platforms. 

 2. Individual entrepreneurs:  allows creating a professional and attractive image for a personal brand, as well as for promoting services and products.

 3. Models and bloggers:  helps create high-quality photo and video materials for Instagram, YouTube, and other social networks, as well as for promoting their personal brand. 

 4. Beauty studios and salons:  helps create high-quality photo and video materials for promoting services and products, as well as for creating images and styles for clients. 

 5. Event organizers:  helps create high-quality photo and video materials for promoting events and attracting new clients. Content shooting is suitable for anyone who wants to create high-quality and attractive content for their online platforms.

Content shooting. Film portrait photographer

Working conditions

ReservationIt is recommended to choose the date of photography 3 weeks in advance.

 If you planned to shoot earlier, please contact me — I will try to come up with something)


The final recording for shooting is made after choosing a service, determining the date and making an advance payment in the amount of 50% of the cost. 

If you cancel photography less than 3 days in advance, the prepayment is not refundable. It is possible to transfer the date of shooting with a personal discussion. 

All details of the shooting (time, place, clothes) must be agreed 24 hours before the shooting — otherwise I can cancel the shooting without a refund of the advance payment.  

The final payment is made on the day of shooting.


By agreeing to commercial shooting, you give me permission to publish in your social networks (future and present) the result of our joint work. 

I also get the exclusive (full) right — publications in magazines and other print publications, for advertising, sale of prints

Surcharge for confidentiality and purchase of exclusive rights is negotiated before shooting — 40$

The finished result is given after 10 days (photo), 20 days (video) through the link-gallery.

Raw/dng source files are not finished work and are not sent to the client.