Creating an atmospheric Instagram feed consisting of 15 posts for a vintage store with the aim of capturing the essence of time, showcasing products, and demonstrating their current usage.

Steps taken within the project:

1. Consultation with the client: The preliminary consultation with the client allowed us to gain a deeper understanding of their preferences, style, and the primary goals of the project. One of the key points was the desire to convey the essence of time through the Instagram feed and to emphasize the current usage of the products. During the consultation, it was revealed that maintaining the authenticity of the vintage style was particularly important to the client, emphasizing its uniqueness and appeal to the modern audience.

2. Analysis of the existing feed: The conducted analysis of the client’s existing feed identified which elements should be retained, as well as determined some aspects requiring improvement to enhance audience attractiveness and engagement.

 During the analysis, it was found that the audience responds favorably to posts featuring unique vintage elements with a strong emotional response, confirming our decision to focus on vintage details and the atmosphere of the store.

3. Color palette selection: Taking into account the client’s preferences and the analysis of the store’s color palette, we decided to retain soft warm colors as the primary background and incorporate vibrant accent colors such as pink, yellow, and green. 

This decision was made to add diversity to the feed and increase viewer engagement. Marketing psychology confirms that the combination of soft and vibrant colors visually attracts attention and creates a positive perception of the brand or product.

4. Organization of the photoshoot: To create high-quality content, we arranged a single photoshoot. The use of film helped to further emphasize the vintage atmosphere of the store. Involving stylists to create modern looks also contributed to the creation of appealing content that aligned with the feed’s aesthetic. 

Choosing film for the shoot not only highlighted the vintage character of the store but also added a touch of mystery and allure, captivating the audience’s attention.

5. Adding typography and collages: Incorporating retro typography and special types of collages enhanced the visual content, adding variety and accentuating key elements. This allowed us to highlight the atmosphere of the store and further draw attention to key features. 

Typography and collages play a significant role in creating a unique brand style, helping it stand out among competitors and strengthening recognition in the eyes of the audience.

Vintage shop. Film portrait photographer
Vintage shop. Film portrait photographer
Vintage shop. Film portrait photographer
Vintage shop. Film portrait photographer


 Collaboration with the client has led to the creation of an appealing and atmospheric Instagram feed for the vintage store. 

The selection of the color palette, organizing the photoshoot on film, and incorporating retro visualization elements have contributed to crafting content that not only captures the essence of time but also captivates the modern audience. 

Attention to detail and consideration of the client’s preferences have been key factors in the success of this project. 

Crafting atmospheric narratives and utilizing emotionally rich content helps establish stronger connections with the audience and enhances engagement. 

As a result of the work done, 15 posts have been created, effectively conveying the unique style and atmosphere of the vintage store, attracting attention, and increasing audience engagement.

Vintage shop. Film portrait photographer
Vintage shop. Film portrait photographer

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