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Olga Rerbo was born in 1992 in Nizhny Novgorod, Russia, but she grew up in Belarus, where she embarked on her journey into the world of art. In 2015, Olga emigrated to Israel, and in 2023, she embraced a new chapter in her life by moving to Australia.

Olga specializes in creating film female portraits that reflect her personal experiences and emotions. 

Relocations and farewells with loved ones have become an integral part of her life, which is reflected in her work. Her photographs become a unique chronicle of moments and places deserving of remembrance and preservation. Each portrait, crafted by Olga, is imbued with deep meaning and serves as an attempt to hold onto fading moments, connecting herself with those she encounters along her journey. She strives to capture not only the external beauty but also the inner essence of the subject. 

Her choice of female portraits as the primary focus of her creativity is driven by her exploration of the female nature, emotions, and beauty. She believes her works can serve as tools for self-discovery and expression for women, helping them see themselves from a new perspective and feel their uniqueness and beauty.

Film adds a special character and texture to her work, making them deeper and more atmospheric. The process of shooting on film requires a thoughtful approach and helps to express an emotional connection with the subject. Additionally, working with film stimulates a more attentive attitude towards each frame and the creation process.

Olga Rerbo actively participates in exhibitions and publications, sharing her talent with the global community. Her exhibition portfolio includes:


— 2023 “Without Form and Void, » group exhibition, WRITE-HAUS, Tel-Aviv, Israel

— 2023  Site-specific exhibition, Sviva Station, Tel-Aviv, Israel

— 2023  Bloch34Reaction Pop-up Political Reaction Exhibition, Tel-Aviv, Israel

— 2022 Exhibition “Transhumanism” at Creators Gallery, Tel-Aviv, Israel

— 2021  20×20 exhibition at Christine X Art Gallery, Malta



— 2023 “Without Form and Void” issue 03 WRITE-HAUS

— 2022 itwasamemor.y

— 2022 “Girl’s portraits” issue 1939 fashion art Marika Magazine

— 2021 “Ageing” issue 4 Continue The Voice, UK

— 2021 “Halloween” issue 13 Continue The Voice, UK

— 2021 “Still Life” WorkHorse Collective, UK

— littlerivermag

— littlerivermag


2022-2023 — Institute of Visual arts. Course master of fashion arts

2021 — Art photography online course

2015-2016 —  Photography course as part of the masa program, Israel

Olga Rerbo’s art testifies that every individual is unique and beautiful in their own way, and her works continue to captivate audiences worldwide.