Renaissance. Film portrait photographer

The female figure played a significant role in Renaissance art, and I wanted to convey this significance through my photographs.

 In each photograph, I strove to create striking poses that emphasize the beauty of the female body and its forms.


Why the Renaissance? 

The fashion for the female body during the Renaissance era and today’s fashion have some differences. During the Renaissance, when the human body, in general, was considered art, female beauty was associated with voluptuous forms, such as full breasts, rounded hips, and a rounded abdomen. These forms were seen as symbols of health and fertility and were depicted in female portraits and sculptures of that time.

Today, the fashion for the female body tends to lean towards slimness and a more slender figure. Thin waists and slender legs have become symbols of beauty and desired body shape. 

However, despite this, today’s fashion is more free and diverse. Modern women have more freedom to choose their style of clothing and the body shape they like, and they can express more individuality in their appearances.

Renaissance. Film portrait photographer

Clothing, textiles, and flowers are my tools that help convey femininity and beauty in photography.

Peonies symbolize the softness and tenderness of the heroine. 

Airy, delicate, and transparent fabrics accentuate the elegance and grace of the female figure.

  Through this project,

I aim to help women feel more confident and comfortable in their bodies, promoting self-acceptance just as they are. 

I also want to advocate for a positive attitude towards the diversity of body shapes and sizes.


Renaissance. Film portrait photographer


The photo-video project focuses on the labeling of women and is an artistic endeavor aimed at examining the ways...